Tuesday, January 1, 2008


new site! change your links peeeas!


happy new year<3

Monday, December 31, 2007

life is full of beauty. notice it. notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. smell the rain, and feel the wind

Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to let go..

The people i have met this year are gonna be a great advantage to my future. I am so grateful for you guys, and the ones i have come close with you have affected me forever. I love all of u and i would break u guys down but i don't want a huge post lol. For the viewers i owe my postings to you, i wouldn't post if i didn't see comments or continous hits, it means alot to know y'all are there, i hope it stays this way and grows! This is my last blog for blogspot, blogspot is my baby i know her well now! I started off posting about my days and feelings then it became more so about music.. so it's time to move on



sometimes i feel
like i don't belong anywhere
and it's gonna take so long
for me to get somewhere
sometimes i feel so heavy-hearted
and i can't explain..
cause i'm so guarded.

but thats a lonely road to travel
and a heavy load to bear
and it's a long way to heaven
but i gotta get there

can u send me an angel?
please send me an angel to guide me

sometimes i feel like a door with no key
and all the answers are locked away in me
and they're so hard to find
especially when i feel lost and so blind

cause i dont wanna feel
like a dove with no wings
and i don't wanna know
what a heart of stone sings

cause thats a lonely road to travel
and a heavy load to bear
and it's a long way to heaven
but i gotta get there..

Sunday, December 30, 2007

las vegas

at the 40/40 club, ESPN on the screen
"Jay-Z held an exclusive concert to a sold out crowd at The Pearl (inside the Palms & Casino) in Las Vegas Saturday night. Entitled ‘An Evening With Jay-Z'"

nothing can be done against the truth

dying to mantain
oh I keep trying to explain
a heart that never loved me to begin
oh I'm such a mess
i have no choice but to confess
that I've been desperately trying to belong
lying to myself
and everybody else
refusing to admit my right was wrong

i'm not always in the mood.. for poetry, praise, meditation, or listening to lauryn hill, and there are only specific times or moods when i feel the need to hear her. Sometimes it will be a peaceful mood, and other times it could be unhealthy mood.. but when i do get in the mood, i am so grateful

selfishly addicted
to a life that I depicted
conflicted cuz it's not reality
oh what's left of me
i beg you desperately
cause me to agree with what I know is best for me
please save me from myself
i need You to save me from myself
please save me from myself so I can heal..


Rik Cordero directed

releasing soon ;o)

We On - Gemini feat. Lupe


video from Gemini feat. Lupe Fiasco. Fnf UP! - directed by Edwin Cena
You can see more videos done bye Edwin Cena at www.EdwinCena.com

kudos sais & gas'd first releasing it

Saturday, December 29, 2007

kanye 07

dang kanye took over 07

i'm speakin to u from the future right now

can ya feel it

man why can't life always be this easy

MTV did him wrong for the awards, but i guess what does an mtv awards mean anyway.. we know the real deal. I just can't believe rihanna's "umbrella" won best video over "stronger". I thought that video was terrrrrible for how much i loved the song. She stood still with an umbrella with half of her orange and the other half grey? thats a good video? even more so worth to win an award?? The Best award?

"I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven
When I awoke I spent that on a necklace
I told God I'd be back in a second
Man, it's so hard not to act reckless
To whom much is given, much is tested
Get arrested, guess until he get the message
I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny
And what'd I do? Act more stupidly
Bought more jewelry, More Louis V
My mama couldn't get through to me...
The drama, people suing me
I'm on T.V. talking like it's just you and me"

wish i would of been here

happy bday

plain pat what up!
when "can't tell me nothin" mixtape came out i was so happy.. and hearing pharrells, lupe and kanye's "US Placers" i just remember alot of people hating on the beat not being tough enough.. so!? and also picking on "stronger" i remember someone complaining he took a hot track and basically stole the light from it and rapped over and that was it.. naw!

Stronger revisted video [check it out]

rest in peace<3

overall i'm very happy with ye and the work he did in 07, i'm excited for next year.. i just can't imagine what he could do better this time around that he hasn't already done. I feel horrible for him and his lost, i hope he comes to a peace of mind even if we arn't allowed music for awhile

ye keep makin that platinum and gold for me..


beat made for h.e.r.!

(when i was a little girl my family called me boogie..and i didn't know what i was doing when i joined myspace; hence the reason of my link name being) thanks de!


lupe in Giant..
they couldn't of titled it better

My young'n is LeBron, you know what that makes me baby!
jay courtside saying hey to my favorite

Friday, December 28, 2007

mixtapes of 07

07 albums

i tried to keep a majority of the albums from 07 as i collected them to the right, so take a look over there..

i was excited about LB (little brother) dropping their album it turned out great.

American Gangster was.. something great. you decide how you want to phrase that album up!

timbo dropped shock value, it had a few good songs on it i love the one republic remix

Lupe fiasco's the cool!! top 3 albums of 07

common's finding forever was a great album, buy that today if you haven't.

but my favorite album of 07..... would have to beeee

[the part where "goodmorning" music would come in]

can't tell me nothin.
like i said i'll have to have a single'd out kanye post of 07 lol

imagine that

thats crazy, last night at work this song went right across my mind and i started the humming part from the beginning..
this is nas wed night at Hammerstein Ballroom

no matter what you are, black, white, asain reach for the stars
aaand well walk..

you wanna hate me.. then hate me; what can I do?
but keep gettin money, funny I was just like you

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Albums expected in 08

9th Wonder – The Wonder Years (January)
Black Thought - Masterpiece Theater
Clipse - (title unknown)
Common – My Resurrection
DMX – The Resurrection Of Hip-Hop
Eminem - (title unknown)
Fonzworth Bentley - C.O.L.O.U.R.S.
India.Arie - Testimony: Vol. 2 - Love & Politics
Jadakiss - Kiss My A**
Joe Budden – The Growth (January)
Just Blaze – Just Getting Warm
Kelis - (title unknown)
Keri Hilson – In A Perfect World
Lyfe Jennings – Change (February)
Method Man – Crystal Method
Mos Def - The Ecstatic
Nas – Nigger (February)
Pete Rock - NY's Finest (January)
Prodigy – H.N.I.C. 2
Redman – Doc’s Da Name 3000
Redman – Muddy Waters 2
Remy Ma - PunishHER
Re-Up Gang - (TBA)
RL(ryan leslie) - Important
Robin Thicke - (title unknown)
Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told
T.I. – Paper Trail
Talib Kweli - Prisoner Of Conscious
Teedra Moses - The Young Lioness
The Game – The Diary Of Compton
Timabaland – Shock Value II

upcoming artist you need to stay tuned into if you haven't yet for 08
kid cudi, jesse boykins III, Emilio Rojas, producer hasan insane

I am very confident in these guys. They are on the verge of being signed or creating their own. I hope you check into them if you haven't heard of them yet. I think 08 will be a great year for their music as they have developed alot in 07 and are prepared. Hopefully everyone will start to enjoy the fruits of their labor bc it's well deserved; not bc of their hardwork but because their music individually has great potential to be loved.

this is what i want my purpose to be*

keep GOOD MUSIC moving
a movement is nothing without the people who move it
join the movement
and support<3

part 2 of 07 hip hop

Best performances of 07

God show me the way

now Thats a workout plan!

don't act suprised...


this is Part 1 - Videos and hopefully i won't write Too much attached. But i can promise you that i will forget and leave out alot.. but not on purpose. You guys can help me out w/ remembering just post on the comments. 07 was a good year for music, i think i said the same for 06.. i think i'll always say that -_- refer back to my myspace page for my last years blog of music.

I'll go through my favorites, highlights, and such that i can remember accordingly.

Favorite Videos.
ever perform a song in your car? lol >>> Neyo - Do You
see how neyo throws his arms around and brings them in and so forth, just feeling it and what he's singing? neyo is an amazing artist, [search neyo in my search uptop to the left to see more on him]
"i don't mean to interrupt your life, i just wonder do i ever cross your mind..."
whew. thats my part. i get the same feeling as i did when i was infatuated with this song & video earlier in the year

my man...
Kanye West - Stronger
forget this.. i'm gonna make an individual post on kanye and 07 lol i love kanye, sorry

i ask cause i'm That Sure. do anybody make real sh*& anymore?.. !!

errrr ima beast!
Touch It Pat It freestyle - Sais
entertainment.. and he raps :D this is supreme Sais met him this year, i'm a fan of his irregular flow, writing and his charisma. I love this video bc it really gives you daily sais and the ending when he sniffs and smiles loll he's a GOOF

and the winner is
Jay Z - Roc Boys
i was sitting on my couch walking in the house with subway i cut BET on and open my sandwich and i'm like what video is this? bc i haven't seen it yet, and i'm usually on top of my videos. I'm watching these kids walk out of a project building and here hello brooklyn playing.. i freak out, seriously, bc this video wasn't even on the internet yet and i heard BET afterwards say we'll play this video in another hour, so it was just being seen. i'm freaking out, cut my tv all up and i remember texting Shotti if he had seen it yet bc i thought i completely missed out the leak on the internet, but i didn't lol
this video is hot, it's like half of def jam in here but ye was out of the country


for higher quality visit imeem

early de ja vu

i'm gonna be normal for a minute and write an open blog.. after all when i started this blog it was really just about me & my day lol and my feelings.. that makes me laugh out loud? but really if u go back to my blog months & months ago i think u'd like it.

alot of times i blog at my morning job..which is hectic bc if anyone we're to walk in on me looking at pictures of a rapper or a video of a rapper they'd look at me very suprisingly lol. Anyhow i'm walking down the hall and my mom passes way on down, she waves and keeps going. I am still walking down the hall and picturing what is about to happen. lol.
i see me going "i knew you were GONNA DO THAT" bc i Know that my mother is about to hide around the corner and jump out at me while histarically laughing. even if it takes me another minute to finish this walk in the hall, she knows that i'm going to head to her desk to mess around before going to mine.
So i keep walking, for all she knows another person could walk around the corner.. but i guess her faith is so strong she just knows its me. I come around the corner, and there she isn't, she waits in the next cube to jump out.. what a piece of work. and shes dying laughing, as well as 2 other people who knew she was gonna do it.. idk how she held it in sometimes i can hear her laughing at the thought of what shes about to do so she never ends up scaring me.

i feel so old. i felt like yesterday was never going to end? and today feels so long and its only 10:10am? may be cause i woke up earlier than usual today.. idk. but the irony is my days have been flying, i feel so out of it, like i haven't had time to be a good friend and take calls and listen to people, get online and talk really its my phone, i have neglected it and anyone calling or texting it lol, i laugh but i mean it.. i just feel so busy or like i'm occupied w/ something else. i went to new york [not to mention i met consequence, he was really cool and was telling me hes gonna start a blog too lol thanks rik for everything] but before that i was busy and i still feel like im busy now that im back. im losin it! and xmas... YES its OVA[achiever download that on http://www.supersais.com/] i'm so glad is over. now i will pay off my credit card and destroy it. im talking alot righ?(c)sais sometimes i want to talk i just dont feel like making anyone listen.. cause thats how i feel when i talk.. like im making someone listen bc who wants to listen to all of this crap im writing about right now? Do u really even want to read it? so yea.. and my best friend john, poor thing. i dont even feel like going to his house to get my xmas present, im going to be usual again after new years. i just got a fowarded email from sam upstairs.. its really funny if u feel like reading it no i take it back its hilarious http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/7640/hahagb4.png

and thats all i have to say about that - forest gump

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


show me - john legend

Bow Wow And Omarion - Hey Baby (Jump Off)